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545th Military Police Company

A Pictorial History of Vehicles

Compiled by CPT Sam Reinert

As of  July 13, 2012


Animal Control Vehicles


 The dreaded 545th "Dog Catcher Patrol" just outside the rear gate of Phouc Vinh, Vietnam on the road to the dump where there were hundreds of wild dogs tearing up the dump for scraps and attacking local Vietnamese children circa 1969



545th MP Co. Animal Control Patrol vehicle at Fort Hood, Texas




Armored Vehicles 



M 8 Armored Recon Vehicle used by many MP outfits during WW II

The 545th MP Co was not authorized any on the TOE but had two on loan while escorting gold bars to the Bank of Tokyo.  Members of the old MP Platoon with their M 8 in photo right above in front of the Bank of Tokyo, circa 1946 - 1947



Unidentified 3rd MP Det MP and a 545th MP on an M 8 Armored Recon Vehicle in Korea circa 1951 the 545th often ran joint convoy security with the I Corps MP's



A good but grainy photo of an M 8 Armored Security Vehicle of the type used by MP units during WW II



A V 100 MP Security vehicle on duty in Vietnam The 545th finally got authorization for these babies, but never took possession of them as they were diverted to the 716th MP BN in Saigon




M 1117 MP Security Vehicle

Unfortunately, the 545th never had any of these




Cougar or MRAP of the type used by the 545th MP Company in Iraq 2008





High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle



SSG Terry Cashett with his 545th Hummer in Desert Storm M 1025Terry is a member of our Association




545th Hummwv on TCP in Kuwait


A 545th MP Co Hummwv on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq






Dodge 1945, ¾ ton, WC-51 Weapons Carrier as used by the MP Platoon, HQS Troop, 1CD at Fort Bliss and in the Pacific Islands during WW II



545th MP Co. Yellow Jeep, Camp McNair, Japan 1949


545th MP's Hardman and Price at Camp McNair, Japan 1949-1950With their yellow jeep, Ford, ¼ ton, 4x4, GPW



545th MP Hiram Franklin with Japanese Policeman in Tokyo, Japan 1949MP Franklin died in the Korean War in 1950 KIA


This jeep was utilized exclusively to escort VIPs' and General Officers at Camp Drake Note the abundance of red lights and the siren



545th MP Cpl. Carl with his Jeep, Ford, ¼ ton, GPW at Camp Crawford, Japan CPL Carl’s son is a supporter of our Association



545th PVT Jerry Vanes with his jeep at Camp Whittington, Japan 1955



545th MP's 1st Lt John Haskell and Cpl Ernie Augilar in Korea, 1951

Note the trusty steed mounted on the hood.

This horse head is presently in the MP Museum

NOTE:  MAJ Haskell is a member of our association




545th MP Co yellow jeep at Camp Drake, Japan circa 1949


CPL Reich (a member of our association) driving and CPL Whitthoeft on patrol in their 545th jeep at Camp Crawford, Japan 1957




545th Willys ¼ ton, 4x4 MB, M 38 A1 Jeeps in the Motor Pool at Camp Crawford, Japan, 1954




545th MP Co. Willys Jeep near Mt. Fuji, Japan 1954 – 1955

M 38 A1




 545th MP Company Commanders Jeep at Camp Crawford, Japan



545th Company Commanders jeep and driver (M 151) in Phouc Vinh RVN 1969

Sheriff Six was the CO's Call Sign at this time




 545th MP Co M 151 convoy escort gun jeep with windshield removed and pedestal mount for the M 60 MG at Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969.  SGT Bob Peppers behind the wheel SGT Peppers is a member of our association




 545th MP Co Armored M 151 Gun Jeep near LZ English circa 1968 up armoring was normally done with scrap metal by the 545th MP Co Motor Sergeant with assistance from the line MP's whose jeep it was



 Interior of an M 151 in Vietnam




 545th MP Co M 151 jeep and trailer in Vietnam circa 1967 – 1968


545th MP Co CO’s jeep with custom spare tire cover at Phouc Vinh, RVN 1970



Another M 151 w/ canvas top




 Military Police Sedans



Provost Marshal's Sedan, Japan 1948


545th MP Company MP Sedan in front of the Sapporo MP Station outside of Camp Crawford, Japan 1954



545th MP Floyd Schuhrke in patrol sedan in Japan 1955 Floyd is a member of our association



This is the MP Sedan seen in the photo above which was driven by CPL Floyd Schuhrke of the 545th MP Company at Camp Whittington, Japan from 1954 until 1957



Another shot of an MP Sedan at Camp Whittington circa 1954



Sp/4 Shearon at Fort Gulick, Panama 1955/56 by one of the MP Sedans used at that locationBuford Shearon is a member of our association



PFC Jack Youngs from the 2nd Platoon on patrol at Ft Hood in 1973 CW3 Youngs is a member of our Association



 545th MP Co Patrol Sedan at Ft Hood, 1983 – 1984



 545th MP Co member Lambert with his Lumina patrol sedan at Ft Hood, Texas Circa 1993 – 1996



SSG Hector J. Latorre at Ft Hood, Texas



SGT Myers getting a ride from the 545th Co area to the MP Station at Ft Hood 1986


SPC Kimberly Myers/Outlaw on midnight shift with her brand new MP sedan (no decals yet) at Fort Hood, Texas 1999/2000.  Kim is a member of our association.


SGT Micah Birlew on patrol at Fort Hood, Texas 2004-2005.  Micah is a member of our association


SPC Stephanie Cabassa, 545th MP use's a laser speed tracker LIDAR Gun to check traffice at Ft. Richardson 2010


 Sp4 Jeffery and his SAAF Patrol Car


James Ingham and his ride at Ft Hood 1985







 545th MP Co Motorcycles at Camp Drake, Japan circa 1948-1949



545th MP Sgt Kane on left with unidentified MP on right at Camp Crawford, Japan on those famous unauthorized yellow MP Motorcycles circa 1951 – 1952 Note the Cav yellow helmets and leggings!  SGM Frank Kane is a member of our association


CPT Louis Mehl on a 545th MP Co motorcycle at Camp Drake 1949 LTC Mehl (ret) was our Association Commandant prior to his demise and one of our founding members



CPL Warren Sessler on a 545th MP motorcycle at Camp Crawford, Japan 1954SGT (Ret) Sessler is a member of our Association



Famous 545th motorcycle at Camp Drake, Japan in 1946





Paddy Wagons


1942 Dodge WC 53 Carryall of the type used by the MP Platoon at Fort Bliss, Texas for a Paddy Wagon



545th MP Co Paddy Wagon, Camp Drake, Japan circa 1947 – 1948



 545th MP Co. Paddy Wagon, Phouc Vinh, Vietnam circa 1969






545th MP, Sp/4 Nelson Duncan at Fort Hood 1998 This truck would run on either MOGAS of Propane Fuel



This 545th MP Company unit pictorial vehicle history was compiled by CPT Sam Reinert and any corrections, additions or updates should be sent to him at the following:

Note: This document would not be possible without the contributions of the many members of the unit association who have submitted countless great photos that until now have been filed away in old foot lockers and photo albums in attics, garages and closets around the country from Alaska to Albany, Maine to Miami and Seattle to San Diego.

Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX