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545th Military Police Company

A Pictorial History

Sports Activities and other


As of January 26, 2012


From the units’ formation at Fort Bliss, Texas, the 1st Cavalry Military Police have always been a competitive bunch.  Aside from being the US Army’s’ most highly decorated Military Police Company, the 545th accumulated an impressive file of administrative awards – Superior Unit Award, 100% Reenlistment Goals, Logistics, Maintenance and Weapons Awards and all of them on a regular repeat basis throughout the units history. Aside from their natural attitude to win at anything and be the best at everything as a unit, they excelled at anything that was team on team or one on one – especially sports or anything of a similar competitive nature.  The following is a pictorial account of some of the sporting accomplishments and other competitive activities of the 545th MP Company:



Fort Bliss, Texas


At the writing of this document there is no pictorial or documented history of the units sporting accomplishments at Fort Bliss, but thanks to the verbal history carried down by word of mouth from some old time WW II MP Platoon veterans to SGT Harold H. Lehman (Recently Deceased) who served at Camp Drake Japan from 1946 1948 and who heard of the units sporting activities from these old timers, we can pass them along.  We have no way of confirming their validity, but they are probably somewhat accurate.  Verbal history has it that HHC, 1st Cavalry Division had a Polo team and since the old MP Platoon was initially part of Hqs Troop, one of the MP Platoon officers played on that team and they were usually quite successful against the regimental teams.  Additionally the MP Platoon was said to have had one of the best if not the best pistol teams in the Division and they also enjoyed a game of baseball now and then and would take on all comers.





The 24/7 pace of training kept the 545th from any organized sports during this time frame in the units history although they did maintain their baseball skills around the company AO on Sunday afternoons.



Pacific Theatre


Due to the pace of combat operations in the Pacific Theatre, there was not time for organized sports.  Although after the cessation of combat operations while waiting for transport to Japan, the MP Platoon did in fact continue to hone their baseball skills.





545th MP Co Basketball Team at Camp Crawford, Japan circa 1955


545th MP’s Schuhrke, Womeledork and Vanes at the pistol range at Camp Weir, Japan circa 1954.  The 545th MP’s always excelled at the pistol range.  MP Schuhrke is a member of our association


Roger Everhart is a member of the 545th MP Co Assn and was quite the Track Star for the 545th in Japan


545th MP Co Championship Base Ball team at play at Camp Drake, Japan 1948



545th MP Co Division Champion Baseball Team at Camp Crawford, Japan circa 1953



545th MP Larry Alves (insert lower left) one of the many great ball players from the unit at Camp Crawford


545th MP Co Football team at practice at Camp Crawford, Japan circa 1953, they didn’t do well that year, but better years were ahead of them





Fort Gulick, Panama




Unidentified 545th MP at the Post Pool, Fort Gulick, Panama 1955


545th MP’s on the Volley Ball Court at Fort Gulick, Panama 1955







545th MP and former Houston Oiler Don Sessions played Quarter Back for both the 545th MP Co team and the 1st Cavalry Cavaliers. The 545th MP football team did exceptionally well during that year in Korea thanks to Don, circa 1964


Don doing his thing against I Corps




The 545th Basketball team did well in their league two years running.  Number Four was the tallest man in the 545th

1963 – 1964


The 545th MP Company held 1st Place in softball for several years at Camp Custer, Korea.

That’s our very own Sp/4 Don Lepir on third base. Don is a member of our Association.


The game of tennis got these two 545th MP’s a little TDY and tok-san trophies


It should also be noted here that the 545th MP Co also had a golf team, a Bridge and Canasta team and a Chess team at Camp Custer that were all award winners


Additionally, sometime in 1950 1951 the Greek Army challenged the 1st Cavalry Division to a game of Polo and since CPT Louis Mehl (the 545th Commander) was known to be an old horse soldier, he was asked by the CG to form up a team which he promptly commenced to do.  The Greeks did us dirty and presented our team Captain with a horse.  CPT Mehl knew at once that this horse had the “Crazy Eye” and would not be a good horse to ride if it had been broken at all, but being a good sport accepted the unwanted gift. Upon mounting the horse it immediately reared up and rolled over on its back and crushed Cpt. Mehl who was then evacuated to Walter Reed with severe back and neck injuries where he remained for quite some time. Cpt. Mehl was a member of our association until his demise in 2008

One more example of the 545th’s drive to be the best always!

Article complements of the MP Museum










Although hard pressed for time or manpower due to the accelerated pace of operations to participate in any organized sports in Vietnam, the 545th MP Company did manage to participate in a few competitions of skill and did win a few awards during this period in the units history.


SFC Byrd (who at the time of this photo was acting First Sergeant of the 545th)  holding the BG Jeremiah P. Holland award which the unit received for being the best MP Company in the entire US Army.  This award is quite an honor for any MP company, but would you expect any less of the 545th!!!  Award was submitted for review and approval thru channels in 1969 by LTC Pearson the Division Provost Marshal and presented in 1970.


The 545th MP Co did find the time to send a pistol team to the PMG Pistol Team Match and although we did place in country, we did not win first place.  Only first place gets to go to Washington DC to compete for the big trophy. That’s not bad for a unit that had no time to send its four shooters to the range for days on end to practice.  Our boys got a case of ammo and 6 hours on the pistol range to practice before going to this event the next day.



Sgt Bell the 545th MP Company Asst Commo Sgt and the

1st Cavalry Division Chess Champion 1969



SFC “Big Ernie” Lozano, 545th MP Co Opns Sgt and Field First Sgt an old brown shoe soldier who loved the Army and was always ready with a joke.

WINNER and First Place Holder of the First, Last and Only Official

1st Cavalry Division Senior NCO Poker Tournament and there is a story that goes with this award that would take 10 pages of type to tell and would have you in stitches. The story is partially explained with the photo on the next page -------


Big Ernie on R&R in Australia spending his substantial Poker winnings plus a two month pay advance circa 1977.  Note – the Thong Bikini was popular in Australia and parts of South America (Rio comes to mind) long before it became popular in Europe and the States.  I’ll bet that even after all these years Big Ernie got a chuckle out of you when you saw this photo!!??



Winner of the Best 545th MP Co Vietnam Tattoo



MG John Tolsen, CG 1CD plays Volley Ball with the 545th MP Company 1967



Although the 545th did not have the time or manpower available for a formal team, its members did toss a few hoops out behind the showers once in a while in Phouc Vinh


SFC Hernandez, SP/4 Smith and Mr Eaton (CID) toss a few hoops at Quan Loi, RVN 1969



545th MP’s play a little Volley Ball in between convoys at Song Be, RVN 1969







To this writers knowledge there were no sporting events or competitions in Afghanistan for the 545th MP Co.


















Desert Storm


Due to the fast pace of combat operations there were also no organized sporting competitions during this time frame either (unless you count chasing down EPW’s a sport)





The Iraq War


The 545th MP Co did find a little time for Volley Ball in Baghdad, Iraq as seen with SPC Alonso of the 1st Platoon serving it up


A little run for the 545th in Baghdad for the Army’s birthday




Fort Hood, Texas


Now here is a sport that had everyone within the division watching and cheering our team on!!!  Several of our MP’s thought this would make a great patrol car!



Sometime in the mid to late 1970’s the 545th MP Company at Ft Hood began a weekly Company Pool Tournament which was held in the Day Room.  A Trophy Was awarded to the winner and eventually this led to the 545th Champ challenging other units.  This tradition remained in effect for several years, but it is this writers understanding that the 545th MP Company remained the undisputed Pool Champion within the Division for quite some time.


The 545th Championship Baseball Team at Ft Hood circa mid to late 1980’s


The MP, bottom row (second from right)  between the MP in the #25 Jersey and the MP in the grey Army Jersey is 545th MP Darren Cunningham who was later KIA in Iraq while assigned to the 89th MP BDE.  SSG Cunningham served under several commanders of the 545th and is remembered fondly by CPT Cantrell, CPT Harris, CPT Townsend and CPT Mularoni. The MP behind #25 is MP Glenny and the MP wearing the Green Jersey with white sleeves is MP Perry


SSG Cunningham was one of those homesteaders who truly believed that the 545th was his home and that he was a Cavalry MP.  He even had a license plate frame mounted on his jeep that stated “I am a 545th MP” SSG Cunningham served multiple tours with the 545th MP Company and was proud of every one of them.  Even when not assigned to the 545th he still visited the unit frequently and was often seen in the company area when visiting while assigned to other units.


Another one of the many Baseball Trophies won by the 545th MP Company at Ft Hood, Texas


L to R SGT Pete Seguin, SP4 Chad B McRee, and SP4 John Frazee at Ft Hood 1982 runner up champs.


545th MP Co Pig Bowl Champions at Fort Hood 1997 – 1998

CPT Cantrell Co Commander on the right


CPT Cantrell, CO 545th MP Co. (on the left) holding one of the many football trophies the 545th MP Co won at Ft Hood.


545th MP’s having a great time at BLORA (Benton Lake Rec. Area) in 1996

SSG Cunningham in purple shirt – center photo


This was taken during the MP Regatta which was a competition between the mighty 545th MP Company and the 4th MP Company.  The competition involved several events – basketball, volleyball, softball, tug-of-war, push ball and always ended with a boat race.  It was not uncommon at these events for a few of the MP’s to end up with a broken bone or two



545th MP’s playing football at Fort hood circa 1984


545th MP Co baseball team at play Fort Hood 1984

Note SPC Dave Garcias on the right who is a member of our association


SPC David Garcias, 545th MP Co baseball team at Ft Hood 1984

Dave is a member of our association


LT Shup, CPT Bartlett, SFC Spruill and other members of the 545th MP Co on the Volley Ball Court at Ft Hood 1978



Football Jersey worn by 545th MP Nelson during the 1985 Pig Bowl games at Fort Hood.



Marcus Kelly, Karl Klein, Pertee and John Glenny playing tag football at Ft Hood 1987


545th MP’s are Champions in 1984


And again in 1985



CPT Cantrell, CO takes the 545th on a little run at Ft Hood 1998


CPT Louis P. Kernisan, Commander 545th MP Co, accepting one of the dozens of sports trophies awarded to the 545th MP Co at Fort Hood by MG Andrew P. Chambers with PFC Campbell, theGideon Bearer on the left circa 1983.  This trophy was intended to be awarded by the division to battalion sized units with the most sports awards within the 1st Cavalry division but the trophy found a home in the 545th as they outdid all the battalions within the division with their prowess at sporting events!


SSG Michael Stewart of the 545th MP Company strains to pull his opponents over the line during the tug of war competition during the Cav Olympics at Ft Hood 1991






Fort Richardson, Alaska



First Annual Army Physical Fitness Test for the 545th in Alaska 2007



It was 2 degrees when they made their run for the PT Test



After thumping every MP unit at Fort Richardson, the 545th MP Company wins the Pig Bowl Trophy, May 2009.  From left to right:  LTC Hunt, BN CMDR, Arctic MP BN; CPT Mixon, CMDR, 545th MP Co, 1SG Dementer, 1SG 545th MP Co and BG Phillips.

This Pig Bowl consisted of the 28th MP Detachment, 164th, 472nd, and finally the 545th MP Companies in a day filled with various sports activities.  Of course the 545th won – what else could anyone expect of the Best MP Company in the Army!  The tradition is carried on……




OIF 09 – 11


Run man – run!!


Police Olympics here on Joint Base Balad 2010



This document prepared by:


Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX