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545th Military Police Company

Pomp and Ceremony

Prepared by CPT Sam Reinert

As of  October 7, 2013


The 545th MP Company, being a Cavalry Division MP Company has probably participated in more ceremonies than most MP Companies, due not only to the traditions in the Cavalry, but also the fact that both the 545th MP Company and the 1st Cavalry Division are highly decorated Army units.  The following is a pictorial history of some of these historical occasions:



Fort Bliss, Texas



Some of the old Cavalry Regiments from Ft Bliss that were later to be integrated into the 1st Cavalry Division on parade in El Paso, Texas at the end of the Mexican War circa 1914 and you can bet there were some old time “Provost Sergeants” in this formation or keeping order along the parade route.  There were a lot of bars in El Paso at this time and soldiers back then enjoyed a “drink or two” whenever they could get one (keep in mind that you could buy draft beer by the 1 gallon bucket full back then for 10 cents)



The entire 1st Cavalry Division on mounted parade at Fort Bliss, Texas and yes – the original 1st Cav MP Platoon took part in this activity


1st Cav Division Officers and Staff reviewing the mounted parade and the Division Provost Marshal was probably among those photographed above



In 1933 the 1st Cavalry Division officially bid their horses’ farewell and every unit in the division, including the MP Platoon was represented with their colors and guideons, an honor guard and an officer.  There were mixed emotions on this day as they were parting with their trusty steeds who had served them so well for so long and yet they were looking forward to the “New Mechanized” Army of the future and the prospect of new and better things to come.






The entire 1st Cavalry Division on parade in downtown Brisbane, Australia.  The Aussies gave us a great send off to WW II





Pacific Theatre


There are no photos available from the Pacific Theatre at this time and it’s possible that no ceremonies or parades took place during this time frame as the pace of combat operations was quite hectic







Major General William C. Chase holds out the Division colors for Gen Eichelberger to attach another unit award for the action taken by the famous “Flying Column” that rushed to Manila and rescued the American POW’s held by the Japanese.  MG Chase commanded this column and the honor guard members in the photo are members of the MP Platoon with their yellow helmets, leggings and gloves. Several of these MP’s were also in the flying column.  This was one of the first ceremonies held in Japan for actions taken in the Pacific Islands during WW II.



An honor guard formed by every unit in the 1st Cavalry Division (to include the MP Platoon) for the reopening of the US Embassy in Tokyo after WW II.



The entire 1st Cav MP Platoon marching through the Emperor’s Garden in the Imperial Palace circa 1946 this action was taken as a show of force for the civilian population of Tokyo so that they might witness the strength and authority of the occupying forces, especially the Military Police.  Notice the M-8 Armored vehicle following behind the formation with the Stars and Stripes and the Division Colors.



The MP Platoon on Parade in Japan


1SG Turner marching the 1st Cav MP Platoon smartly in Japan and you will notice that the squads in this platoon were larger than some platoons in the line infantry units.



General Chase presents Chinese military awards to two division staff officers for services rendered during WW II on the reviewing stand at Camp Drake, Japan on September 27, 1947.  PFC C.D. George (who is a member of our association) is in the foreground – photo right (with garrison cap).



545th MP Company on parade at Camp Drake, Japan 1949


1st Cav Division Review at the Imperial Palace Plaza at Camp Drake, Japan and the 545th MP’s providing security for the Secretary of the Army, Mr. Kenneth C. Royall, LTG Walton H. Walker, CG 8th Army and MG William C. Chase, CG, 1st Cav 1948 - 1949.






Members of the 545th MP Company Honor Guard greet a VIP in Korea circa 1956


545th MP’s at a ceremony at Camp Howze, Korea sometime around 1958 – 1962



On the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the 1st Cavalry Division a ceremony was held in Korea and the 545th MP Company as usual provided MP’s for the division color guard – note front row with yellow gloves and chrome helmets



545th MP’s as honor guard at a ceremony held in 1964 honoring a stone monument that marks the third crossing of the 1st Cavalry Division and the 545th MP Company of the 38th parallel during the Korean War.



SSG John Snook (on the right and not the SSG John Shook we all know) receives a letter of appreciation from LTC John J. Flanagan, 1st Cav Div Provost Marshal, February 28, 1962.  SSG Snook has served as a non accredited investigator with the Division PMI Section in Korea



545th MP Company Officers and NCO’s celebrate the MP Birthday in the 545th MP Co Mess Hall at Camp Custer.  LTC Flanagan is standing at the left rear by the head table 1962




MG Ralph J. Butcher, Army Provost Marshal General Shakes hands with the 1st Cav Division Honor Guard Commander, 1LT Richard G. Franklin of the 545th MP Co after reviewing the guard.  MG James K. Woolnough, 1st Cav CG looks on.  The ceremony took place at Brown Field, Camp Howze, Korea, October 31, 1961.






LTC Flanagan, 1st Cav PM promotes Sp/4 Ayers to SGT with CPT Holt, Co 545th MP Co looking on at Camp Custer, Korea




545th MP Company celebrates the MP Corps Birthday at Camp Custer, Korea.



This photo was taken before the Army came out with regulations covering the markings on the MP Helmets.  The photo was probably taken at Camp Howze, Korea and you will note the yellow stripe and the 1st (for 1st Cav) markings on the Helmet.  Those old OG’s were really sharp (and warm)






Sp/4 Demarce, 545th MP receives Bronze Star in Vietnam 1967



 SFC “Big Ernie” Lozano 545th MP Co Field First and Operations Sergeant turns the company over to 1SG Bill Sykes in preparation for an awards ceremony 1969



Provost Marshal General, MG Gustafson, SGT Lyons and CPT Reinert at one of the many 545th MP Co awards Ceremony’s at Phouc Vinh, Vietnam 1969


PMG Gustafson presenting an ARCOM and an Air Medal to SP/4 Bradley at Phouc Vinh 1969



Awards ceremony at Phouc Vinh RVN CPT Sam Reinert in front of the formation with

The recipients of the Soldiers Medal standing behind him – from left to right

SSG Mills, SGT Conley and SGT Black.







LTC Rexford, 1st Cav PM, CPT Marba, CO 545th MP Co and SFC Byrd, Acting 1SG of the 545th MP Co with the J.P. Holland Award that the unit had just received that day in Phouc Vinh, Vietnam circa 1970.



CPT Kociaba, Commander 545th MP Co at the Division Stand Down Ceremony at Bien Hoa, Vietnam circa 1971.



1st Cavalry Division Stand down Ceremony in Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1971


General Putman shaking hands with CPT Kociaba, CO 545th MP Co at Bien Hoa 1971







Funeral Detail provided by the 545th Military Police Company for MP CPL Glen G. Gamroth who died of a heart attack while deployed in that country with the 1st Cavalry Division




Desert Storm


The triumphant return of the 1st Cavalry Division from Iraq and the ticker tape parade down Broadway in New York City where every unit in the Division including the 545th MP Co was represented with pride. 


Victory Day parade for the 1st Cavalry Division down Constitution Avenue in Washington DC






To date there are no photos available for any ceremony’s from Afghanistan




Iraq War

Operation Iraqi Freedom II



545th MP Co Change of Command Ceremony in Baghdad, Iraq 2004.

CPT Mularoni incoming 545th MP Co Commander, LTC Byrd 1st Cav Div PM and CPT Townsend, departing 545th Commander


LTC Byrd passes the guideon from one commander to the next while 1SG Jody George looks on.


1st Cav Division CG, MG Chiarelli makes a few remarks to the 545th troopers at the change of command ceremony


And outstanding looking bunch of MP Troopers they were, but you would not expect less with a 1SG like Jody George.




The 545th MP Co guideon with its multitude of awards streamers and campaign participation bands was carried with respect and honor everywhere the unit went including USO Shows and the company guideon bearer always carried it as if he were on parade.



Mother Dorsey who is the inventor/originator of the 1st Cavalry Division Patch, made it quite clear that the horse should always face forward so a combat patch was made to wear on the right shoulder that had the horse facing forward and these patches were awarded to the 545th MP Company by the Division Commanding General on July 2004 in Baghdad.



CPT Ian Townsend, SPC Alonzo and 1SG Jody George proudly receive the 1st Cavalry Division Combat Patch (shown in detail above) in a ceremony held in Baghdad.



545th MP, SPC Howze is promoted to SGT by SSG Ashcraft with the same stripes that his father wore a generation earlier.  That is definitely MP family tradition.



545th MP Company Commanders Reunion in Baghdad 2004

From left to right

LTC Jeffery T. Harris who commanded the 545th in Desert Storm

CPT Ian Townsend who brought the 545th to Iraq

CPT Matt Mularoni who took the 545th home to Ft Hood

COL Richard Swengros who commanded the 545th at FT Hood 1988 – 1989 and later became the Deputy Commandant of the MP School.



SGM Green, PMO Sergeant Major is promoted to CSM by the Division CG, MG Chiarelli and the Division CSM Hernandez in Baghdad 2004




Fort Hood, Texas


1Lt Nance, CO 545th MP Co receiving a reenlistment award from the 1st Cav Div Commander General Shoemaker 1973




CPT Sullivan and 1SG Vansickle promoting SP/4 Williams at Ft Hood 1975


BG Horton, ADC 1st Cav presents 1Lt Nance, CO of the 545th MP Company with the III Corps Superior Unit Award Streamer at Ft Hood, Texas, 1973



BG Mapp reenlists SP/4 Hampton at FT Hood, Texas 1976


BG Stacker, ADC 1st Cav Div awards the ARCOM to 545th MP PFC Lyons for rescuing a dependant wife from drowning at FT Hood, Texas 1975


COL Hyden presents 545th MP Craddock an award at FT Hood, Texas 1974


MG Todd CG, 1st Cav presents 545th MP PFC Duncan the Trooper of the Day Award at Ft Hood, Texas October 1978



Military Police Association Humanitarian Award presented by COL Hyden to 545th MP’s SSG Dawson, PVT Craddock and PFC Kubit


CPT Sullivan, CO 545th MP Co awards SGT Wade 1st Place trophy in the unit pool tournament 1978.  That was the main pastime in the company day room in those days and you could still get beer in the vending machine in the day room!


CPT Jeff Harris, CO 545th MP Co receiving a unit reenlistment award from the Division CG 1989


545th MP Co unit formation for the Superior Unit Award at Ft Hood, Texas, 1975


2nd Platoon, 545th MP Co in formation at Ft Hood Texas for an awards ceremony (note the military bearing of the Engineer Plt on their left) 1978


CPT Michael L. Sullivan, CO 545th MP Company is congratulated by MG Robert M. Shoemaker, FIRST TEAM Commander, after accepting the III Corps and Fort Hood Superior Unit Award for his company.  The unit has received the award three times in as many years


Dedication Ceremony of the 1st Cav Memorial at Ft Hood, Texas 2005

This is the bronze statue of the 545th MP’s who under fire, protected and treated Iraqi children in Baghdad and was cast from the bronze taken from the toppled statue of Saddam Husain in Baghdad


Retirement ceremony for LTC Scott Torgerson

Provost Marshal

1st Cavalry Division

July 2003

LTC Torgerson is a member of our association




Other Locations


CPT Bartlett, CO 545th MP Co presents a Memorial Plaque to MG Granger, Commandant of the MP Corps at Fort McClellan, Alabama in memory of the 545th troopers who died in combat.  This plaque hangs in the memorial grove at Fort Leonard Wood today.


Promotion ceremony for Jeffery T. Harris to full Colonel

by BG Johnson the PMG.  COL Harris commanded the 545th MP Company in Desert Storm and while his wife pins one of his eagles on his shoulder, his hand is being shaken by the Provost Marshal. General, BG Rodney L. Johnson, who as a young Captain also commanded the 545th MP Co at Fort Hood in the 1980’s

BG Johnson and COL Harris are members of our Association.



LTC Robert K. Byrd who served in the 545th MP Co as 2nd PLT Leader during Desert Storm and later as Div PM in OIF assumes command of the 503rd MP BN (ABN) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina


COL Jeffery T. Harris (photo right) assumes command of the 202nd MP Group (CID) in Germany, August 2007 and in the center of the photo is BG Rodney Johnson, the PMG who also commanded the 545th MP Co at Ft Hood in the 1980’s.



If you are a 545th veteran – who better to promote you than the PMG himself as seen here where the PMG, BG Rodney L. Johnson promotes MAJ Ross T. Guieb to LTC.  LTC Guieb was the Deputy 1st Cav PM during OIF in Iraq.  PMG Johnson commanded the 545th MP Co at Ft Hood, Texas in the 1980’s


BG R. Johnson (PMG) and SGM Deorocki (PMG SGM) attend the grand opening of the 545th MP Company Exhibit at the MP Museum, April 2008.


BG Phillips, Post Commander and Past MP School Commandant is made a Lifetime Honorary Member of the 545th MP Company Association at the MP Museum, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in front of our unit exhibit, March 3, 2010
545th MP Co Association Honor Guard members in attendance (from left to right) 2LT Sessler, MSG Stone, SFC C. Killea, SFC F. Killea and SSG Sessler
BG Phillips on the far right with his new 545th Cavalry Stetson


SSG Sessler reads the Citation while SFC F. Killea holds the General’s hat


SSG Sessler presents the Citation to BG Phillips


BG Mark Spindler, U.S. Army Military Police School commandant, and RCSM John McNeirney, USAMPS regimental command sergeants major, induct retired BG Rodney Johnson into the U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame, Sept. 26, in Fort Leonard Wood’s Pershing Community Center. To date, a total of 69 members have been inducted into the MP Corps Regimental Hall of Fame that was established in 1992.




Prepared by:

CPT Sam Reinert


545 MP Co Association

Richmond, Indiana   47374

765 962 4627 phone & FAX