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545th Military Police Company

1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)


A Pictorial History

Prepared by CPT Sam Reinert

As of January 26, 2012


Throughout the history of the 545th MP Company there have been several Monuments dedicated to both the unit as a whole and individual MPís as well.  There are also several monuments around the world dedicated to the 1st Cavalry Division on which the 545th MP Company is also recognized.  The First Teamís Finest has participated in many of the dedications and placements of these monuments and plaques and is proud of having done so and in other cases their actions have been documented in statues and plaques and incorporated into a larger monument such as the 1st Cavalry Division Memorial which includes a statue of the 545th MPís who provided cover for Iraqi children while engaged in a fire fight in Baghdad, Iraq as seen in this photo below which honors the Cav Troopers fallen in Operation Iraqi Freedom II and is presently located at Fort Hood Texas.



The following is a photo history of some of these memorials and to this writerís knowledge not complete.  Photos will be added as additional such monuments are discovered.




Fort Bliss, Texas


There are no known monuments to the 545th or the MP Platoon at this time




There are no known monuments to the 545th or the MP Platoon at this time


Pacific Theatre


It is rumored that a memorial exists to the MP Platoon in Manila, but no photos or documents have surfaced to date.




Although dedicated to PFC Goto of the 545th MP Co who lost his life during the Korean War, this stone was originally placed at Camp Drake, Japan where a machine gun range was named after him and has followed the unit all over the world until it finally came to rest at the 1St Cavalry Division Museum at Fort, Hood, Texas.  Arrangements are under way (thanks to SFC Pentecost and SSG McQueen) to transport it to the MP Museum at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri where it will eventually be turned over to the MP Regimental Association for placement near the Memorial Walkway at the MP Memorial Grove at that location in September of 2008






Unidentified Memorial located at Camp Howze, Korea in the 1950ís


Renovated 1st Cav Memorial at unknown location in Korea and the 545th is mentioned


545th MPís as honor guard at a ceremony held in 1964 honoring a stone monument that marks the third crossing of the 1st Cavalry Division and the 545th MP Company of the 38th parallel during the Korean War 





There are no known monuments to the 545th in Vietnam at this time




There are no known monuments to the 545th in Kosovo at this time




 There are no known monuments to the 545th in Afghanistan at this time


Iraq (Desert Storm)


There are no known monuments to the 545th in Iraq at this time




There are no known monuments to the 545th in Kuwait at this time


Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom II)


There are no known monuments to the 545th in Iraq at this time




Fort McClellan, Alabama

CPT Bartlett presenting the 545th Memorial Plaque to the MP School at Ft McClellan, Alabama


545th MP monument MG John Granger, 545 CO- Cpt. Louis P. Kernisan.1982


545th MP monument Ft. McClellan, September 1982. 






Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri



This Memorial plaque hangs in the Memorial Grove at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and was moved there from its original position at Fort McClellan where it was presented to the MP School by the 545th MP Company


Here is a great shot of the Memorial Grove at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


This is a photo of SSG McQueen and SGT Sessler during the rededication of the

MP Memorial at Ft Leonard Wood in 2008


This is a photo of our 545th MP Company Brick which was placed

in the Memorial Walkway at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in 2007



545th MP Co Association Honor Guard both active duty and Old Timers at Ft Leonard Wood 2008




Fort Hood, Texas



This memorial stone can be found in the 1st Cav Korean War Memorial Park,

located at Fort Hood, Texas and you will clearly see the 545th MP Company mentioned in this stone.


The Goto stone originally had a life sized statue placed with it depicting the three first KIAís of the Korean War from the 1st Cavalry Div, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a construction accident at Fort Hood, Texas and no longer exists.  You will note the stones placed at the foot of the statue, one of which is the Goto Stone.


This is a photo of the dedication of the 1st Cav Memorial referenced at the beginning of this pictorial history which took place in May of 2005 at Fort Hood, Texas


Here is a close-up of the statue depicting 545th MPs




Fort Knox, Kentucky


This Monument Stone was designed by a long forgotten 7th Cavalry Captain and sits today at Ft Knox



This pictorial history has been prepared by CPT Sam Reinert with the assistance of the members of the 545th MP Company Association and their submissions of photos and documents.  Anyone having photos or documents to add to this document please send them to:

Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX