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MP Ass Logo

545th Military Policemen and Women

And their successful careers in the U.S. Army

As of September 20, 2012

Throughout the history of the 545th Military Police Company there have been many of its members who distinguished themselves sufficiently during their time with the 545th to bring attention to them and subsequently enhanced their careers. Here are just a few of those notable personnel who fit this category. . .

Rodney L. Johnson


CPT Johnson CMDR 545th MP Co Ft Hood 1984/86 BG (Ret) Johnson PMG US Army 2006 2010

Madeline T. Bondy


1LT Bondy, XO 545th MP Co, Ft Hood and FDR 1987/90 LTC Bondy Post PM, FT Rucker, Alabama

Robert K. Byrd


1LT Byrd, 2nd PLT LDR, 545th MP Co Desert Storm COL (Ret) Byrd, Central Command Provost Marshal.


Jeffery T. Harris


CPT Harris, CMDR 545th MP Co Desert Storm COL Harris Provost Marshal III Corps and currently Deputy CMDR and Chief of Staff ATEC

Chad B. McRee


PFC McRee on the Road at Fort Hood 1982, COL McRee current CMDR 16th MP BDE (ABN)

Michael L. Sullivan

(MPC Hall of Fame Member)


CPT Sullivan, CMDR 545th Ft Hood 1974/75, COL (Ret) Sullivan, Instructor at the National FBI Academy

Carl C. Sutherland

(MPC Hall of Fame Member)


CPT Sutherland, CMDR 545th at Ft Hood 1972/73 COL (Ret) Served at USAMPS as Dir of Evaluation and Standardization, Dir of TNG and Doctrine, DIR of Combat Developments, and Chief of Design Branch where he was instrumental in the design and development of the M 1117.

Henry H. Tufts (Deceased)

(MPC Hall of Fame Member)


LTC Tufts, 1CD PM Ft Hood 1962/63, COL Tufts Chief CID OPMG, Pentagon

AKA Father of the CID.

Freddie L.T. Brock


SGM Brock, PMO OPNS SGT, 1CD 1997 1998, Provost CSM (Ret) Brock, OPMG, Pentagon

Jody A. George


1SG George, 545th MP Co Ft Hood and Iraq 1999/2005 CSM (Ret) George, US Army Liaison NCO

to the United States Senate.

Jose A. Hernandez (Deceased)


CSM Hernandez began his military career in the 545th MP Company at Camp Custer Korea in the mid 1950s where he eventually became a Squad Leader. Later he served with the writer of this document in Vietnam in the 545th first as a Platoon Sergeant and later on as the 545th Operations Sergeant. Upon assignment to Fort Hood in the early 1970s he was assigned as the 545th company 1SG and then finally promoted to 1CD PMO SGM just before his retirement. What a great career and what a great 545th homesteader!

David Stalter

(MPC Hall of Fame Member)


1SG Stalter 545th MP Co 1981/83, CSM (Ret) Stalter, Regemental CSM USAMPS.

Thomas W. Wiley III


SGT Wiley (Thumper Man) RVN 1966, CSM Wiley Retired from the Texas NG

NOTE: SGT Wiley was a crack shot with that M 79 first round hits fired from the hip! While a member of the 545th MP Co, SGT Wiley earned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart awards.

Franklin J. Solomon


SPC Solomon says farewell to his wife at Ft Hood before going to Bosnia and he later became the 1SG of the 545th MP Company in Alaska where he serves currently.

Nick D. Bacon (Deceased)


SSG Bacon served with the 545th MP Co in the 2nd Platoon at Ft Hood, Texas 1970 1974 and upon his retirement from the US Army as a 1SG became the Arkansas State Director of Veterans Affairs.


You will also note that there are four MP Corps Hall of Fame members in this group of 545th MPs. Anyone having information and/or photos to add to this photo history, kindly forward them to me.


Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX