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MP honor Guard Plaque


545th Military Police Company Association

Honor Guard

As of April 14, 2014

Presented by the First Cavalry Division, Provost Marshal, January 2014


From the day we stood up the 545th Military Police Company Association we wanted (among many other things) to have our own Honor Guard so that we could honor our veterans and active duty personnel during ceremonies, funerals and various other functions such as parades etc. The first time I called out for volunteers, I had dozens of replies within hours!


The first thing we had to do was decide on the type of uniform we would use and since we still had at that time a few real old timers who had actually served in the old Horse Cavalry at Fort Bliss, we considered that type of uniform which would include riding breeches as seen here below from that time frame:


At that time we could not find a manufacturer who made reproduction breeches and the original issue ones that could be found were over $300.00 a pair and to top it off the three buckle cavalry boots were over $250.00 a pair.  Needless to say, that was out of our reach budget wise.  When we were first starting up our cash flow and our working budget could not even outfit one MP let alone an entire Honor Guard.


Next we took a look at the uniform worn in Japan during the Occupation and later on in Korea, and thought that that may be the way to go.



They wore fatigues, TW’s or OD’s at that time, depending on the time of year and if they were in the field or not. This looked like a pretty sharp uniform and one that we could put together for under $225.00 each MP


SSG (Ret) Sessler discovered a supplier that had a large stock of OD’s who would give us a very large discount on the shirts and trousers and I found a place that would supply the Parade Pistol Belts at a large discount.  1LT Sessler discovered a place in China that would make the lanyards and another to make Ascots for us, a source of mock pistols was found and so it went until we finally had a nice uniform at a price we could almost afford – see here below:


Our very own SSG (Ret) John McQueen looking sharp in his Honor Guard Uniform


I should mention that many of our Old Timers have their own personal M1911 A1’s and they actually carry these instead of the mock ones.


Since our membership includes a large number of active duty personnel, we came up with a uniform for them as well. That uniform consists of a black Cavalry Stetson with 545th MP Brass and insignia of rank on it and an embroidered Honor Guard Ascot like the old timers wear and these are either worn with the ACU or the Class A uniform as seen here below.


Note the Cavalry saber is optional for officers and Cavalry Spurs are optional for all


CPT Jerry Koltz


When wearing the Ascot with Greens or Blues, the shirt and tie are not worn.



Now we had our basic uniform for both Active Duty and Veteran Personnel as seen here below:



This was one of our first events at the MP Memorial Grove at Fort Leonard Wood.


Then we had to determine if each Honor Guard Member was going to pay for his uniform or was the Association going to do it?  After considerable discussion it was decided that the Old Timers would pay out of pocket to travel to and from and attend the funerals and ceremonies but the Association would pay for the uniforms.  The active duty folks are another matter.  Most of them already had their own Stetsons so all the association had to do was provide the Ascots. Active duty folks cannot just get away and go anywhere at any time but since we have enough of them spread out all around the world at just about every military installation we can usually find one or two on any base to attend such functions on behalf of the Association.



Left to right:  SSG John McQueen, SSG Warren Sessler, SGT Dan Russell, SSG Victor Alvarez and SSG Ira Harrison


And for your viewing pleasure here below are several individual photos of Honor Guard Members:




SSG Victor Alvarez

Vietnam Veteran





SSG Warren Sessler

Japan Occupation and Korean War Veteran





SGT Dan Russell

Vietnam Veteran





SGT Jesse Murrah

Iraq and Kuwait Veteran





SSG Glenn Dell (Deceased)

Vietnam Veteran






SSG Ira Harrison

Vietnam Veteran






SFC Fred Killea speaking at the dedication of Smith Range at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.








From left to right:  SSG Harrison, MSG Stone, 1LT Budenski, CPT Mixon, SSG McQueen, SFC Carey Killea,

SSG Alvarez, SFC Fred Killea, SGT Dan Russell and SSG Sessler at the Smith Range







SFC Carey Killea







MSG Steve Stone






SSG McQueen, CPT Mixon, Fred Killea and Carey Killea






During the Goto Stone Ceremony at Ft Leonard Wood, BG Phillips complements CPT Koltz on the appearance

of our joint honor Guard





We always wanted an Association Jeep so we could participate in many of the parades and thanks to SSG Ira Harrison we finally got one in 2012;








This M38 A1 of the type used in Japan and even later in Korea for a while was totally restored by SSG Harrison and has already participated in several events.  Our Old Timers Honor Guard is already in great demand for many events all the way out to 2014


One of the more recent events was a parade held at Reba’s Ranch in Texas where the 1st Cavalry Division horse Detachment put on quite a show and Ira was there as well with our jeep.


In addition to Range Dedications, Parades and Ceremonies we also frequently support our fallen and deceased brothers and sisters at funerals and we are extremely proud to do this for them.


Normally the local VFW conducts the major portion of the ceremony and we just add a touch of 545th Class to it.  Here below you will see a few photos of such activity.




Here above are SGT’s Russell and Murrah at Sp/4 Mike Shinall’s funeral/burial ceremony. The family knows

without a doubt that our association supports their 545th veteran.


Here are our boys with the local VFW folks that hosted us for this funeral


Jesse – what’s with your gig line???



And then we have those impromptu color and honor guards as we see here at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

From left to right are PFC Mabee, SFC Derr, SSG Selesnew, SSG Ramos, PV2 Watson and

PFC McGee wearing period 545th MP Co Helmet liners.

Photo courtesy of 545th 1SG Josh Solomon


Since we participate in all of these functions during all four seasons it has been extremely difficult for our folks to stand in formation during the summer months in the OD winter wool uniform so the association has begun to purchase TW summer uniforms as were worn in the 1940’s and 50’s by MPs worldwide in the summer. Hopefully we will have them all issued the TW uniform by 2013.  Here below are some photos of SSG Harrison in this uniform:



(All those no longer on Active Duty, who wish to join the Association Honor Guard kindly contact CPT Sam Reinert)

SSG Victor Alvarez (Standing) and SSG Ira Harrison with 545th MP Co Association Jeep, at the 2014 Gainsville, Texas Metal of Honor Recipients Parade. See Video below;


Click on this link to take you to the Medal of Honor Host City Program for more information, photos and videos


This photo history of the 545th MP Company Association Honor Guards has been prepared by:

Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA

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