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545th Military Police Company

1st Cavalry Division

A Pictorial History

Gate Guards and Static Posts

As of July 13, 2012


Gate Guards and Static Posts have been an important part of Military Life since the beginning of recorded military history.  Not only do these sentinels portray an image to the visitor passing through the entryway or gate of the type unit based on the installation and the image it has of itself but these silent soldiers also project an instant picture of the Espirit de corps of the entire military post they are guarding to anyone passing through their post.  It is a thankless but extremely important job that usually falls on the Military Police or other special Guard Units.  In addition to installation guards and security, there are also guards and security for Senior Commanders and other personages of authority. Monarchs of many countries have had (and in some cases still do) Palace Guards; Lord Nelson, Napoleon, Douglas Macarthur and other famous military commanders have also had some very famous guard units.  They all had several things in common:  Pride in their unit, elite troops, usually hand picked and above all pride in themselves!

Throughout the history of the 545th MP Company there have been several occasions when the 1st Cavalry Division was located at a military installation for long periods of time and was responsible for all or a good portion of the base security.  During these times the 545th operated in the Post Camp and Station mode of operation and provided along with other duties Ė Gate Guards and Static Position Guards.  Usually, MPís rotated duties so that an MP on gate duty today may find himself on motorized or walking patrol the following day. Some of these Gate Guard positions required that an MP not only project a professional military appearance but that he also maintain a guest pass system, check soldiers passes and orders, maintain a vehicle sign in log and many other similar administrative duties as well as correct uniform violations of the soldiers passing through their post.

The following is a pictorial history of the various Gate Guard and Static Post positions of the 545th Military Police Company:




Fort Bliss, Texas


As of the writing of this document there are no known photos of Gate Guards at Ft Bliss.






As of the writing of this document there are no known photos of Gate Guards in Australia




Pacific Theatre


1st Cavalry Division MP Platoon Main Gate Guard directing traffic at the entrance to the Division CP at Luzon Note the Thompson sub-machinegun







MP Platoon member on duty at the Main Gate to Camp Drake circa 1946


MP Platoon member on duty at the Main Gate at Camp Drake and if this photo

were in color you would note the yellow helmet, leggings and lanyard



MP Platoon members on duty at the Main Japanese Police Station in Tokyo circa 1945



545th MP manning the Main Gate at Camp Drew, Japan 1949



545th MP manning the Main Gate at Camp McGill, Japan 1949


545th MPís directing traffic outside the Main Gate at Hardy Barracks, Japan circa 1957



545th PFC Meinert and Japanese Guards on the Gate at Camp Drew Japan 1954


PFC Meinert (photo left) and unidentified 545th MP and Japanese Guards on the Main Gate at Camp Drew, Japan 1954


545th MPís CPL Schuhrke and Sp/3 Kuntz on duty at gate #4 at Camp Drew Japan circa 1957

Floyd Schuhrke is a member of our association


Unidentified 545th MP on Gate Duty in Japan


Pedestrian Gate at Camp Schimmelpfenning, Japan 1954 which was only manned when the civilian workers entered and exited the Camp and then the 545th MPs checked for passes 1953


MP Platoon members Ray and unknown on duty at Camp Drake, Japan circa 1950


545th MPís Timko and Hardman on Static Post Duty at Camp McGill, Japan circa 1950


545th MP CPL Carl and friend on Gate Duty in Japan


MP CPL Carl on gate duty at Camp Crawford, Japan; his son Mike Carl is a supporter of our association


545th MP on Gate Duty at Camp Drake circa 1949


545th Provisional Platoon member on Gate Duty at Camp Crawford, Japan


545th MP PFC Lester E. Meinert checking passes on the Main Gate at Camp Whittington, Japan

1954.  Lester is a member of our association.






Camp Sendi main gate 1954.







545th MPís on the Main Gate to Div Hqs at Camp Howze the home of the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division, Korea


545th MP on Gate Duty at Camp McGovern, Korea



545th MPís manned this Check Point on MSR #1 in Korea

There were several other gates at Camp Custer and the surrounding area that were manned by 545th MPís, but unfortunately, there are no photos available at this time


545th MPís Ashton and Lee on the front Gate at Camp Custer








Sp/4 Buford Shearon on the Main Gate at Camp Gulick in Panama 1956


Main Gate at Ft Gulick in the Canal Zone







1st Cavalry Division Commanders Rocket Proof Trailer at Phouc Vinh where the 545th MP Co had a static Guard Post



545th MP on Gate Duty at Tay-Ninh where we shared this duty with the 25th MP Co circa 1969



Main Gate Shack manned by 545th MP at Camp Radcliff, An Khe, Vietnam

Circa 1966



545th MP Ira Harrison in the center and a Korean MP on the right with an unknown 545th MP on the left

Camp Radcliff, Vietnam 1967


Female searcher, interpreter and 545th MP on the East Gate at Phouc Vinh, RVN circa 1969


545th MP on the East Gate at Phouc Vinh on a Saturday afternoon

ďOK you guys Ė either, crawl in, roll in or get up and walk in, but you canít just lay there in the middle of the roadĒ


Headquarters or Generals Gate at Phouc Vinh RVN circa 1969


545th MP on Rear Gate at Phouc Vinh, RVN requesting relief

Circa 1969


1st Cavalry Division R & R and DEROS Center in Bien Hoa where the 545th also had a PMO Shop and MP Patrols and this was the Gate that was manned by our MPís and those are in fact two 545th MP getting ready to DEOS. Can you guess who they are? Circa 1970


545th MP on the West Gate at Phouc Vinh, RVN circa 1969


They had it covered at this gate:  One local cop, one National Policeman, one ARVN MP and one 545h MP The fantastic four


Pass and ID Gate at Phouc Vinh RVN circa 1970

545th MP Pfc. Kyle


545th MP on Gate Duty at Quan Loi, RVN circa 1969


545th MP on Gate Duty at Quan Loi circa 1970

Now who do we have a cominí here?


545th MPís and ARVN MPís at the Binh Long QC Station and Gate House

Circa 1969

Note SFC Hernandez on the far left who later became the 545th 1SG at Ft Hood and then after that the PMO SGM Like so many

545th NCOís SFC Hernandez was a ďhomesteaderĒ in the 545th


545th MP on Gate Duty at Song Be circa 1969


ďI donít care who you are Ė the vill is Off Limits to everyone and that includes you two!Ē


Sgt Jimmy Waynick and an ROK MP on the Gate at Camp Radcliff, RVN

Jimmy is a member of our Association







This static post just outside of tent city in the desert was manned by both armored units and the 545th MP Company in Kuwait during Intrinsic Action (Task Force 2-12, 4th Platoon, 545th MP Co, 1CD) and that is a 545th Hummer with its MA Duce.  You could see for quite a distance up in the tower.


A very young SPC Jason Ibrom on his 50 cal at Camp Doha while the 545th provides security for DynCorp Contractors at a static post.  You will note the definite change from the spit and polish Post, Camp and Station MP Duty to that of combat operations.  MSG Ibrom is a member of our association




Desert Storm


As of the writing of this document there are no known photographs of any Gate or Static Guard Posts for Desert Storm.  The pace of Combat operations probably did not lend itself to the establishment of any such posts other than possibly the EPW collection points.







As of the writing of this document there are no known photographs of any Gate or Static

Guard Posts for Bosnia.





The Gulf War


As of the writing of this document there are no known photographs of Gate or static Guard Posts for the Gulf War.




Fort Hood, Texas


To this writerís knowledge, the 545th MP Company handled only motorized and foot patrols as well as a desk operation within the division AO and the III Corps MPís handled all gates at Fort Hood.  The 545th MP Co did man the gates in the early 1970ís upon return from Vietnam






Stuggard, Germany

545th MP SPC Timothy E. Jeffery by the unit sign in Stuttgart, Germany Circa 1985


SAAF Gate MP Unit Logo. Main gate at Stuttgart, Germany manned by the 545th


SAAF Main Gate




For Your Information and Viewing Enjoyment


The following are a compilation of photos of Gate and Palace Guards from other Armies around the world for your viewing pleasure:


Australian Federation Guard

A Ceremonial Guard Unit that is full time soldiers in the Regular Australian Army

The equivalent of our Old Guard


An Indian Army Ceremonial Gate Guard in New Deli


A Czech Gate Guard in Prague


A Chinese Army Gate Guard in Tiananmen Square


Buckingham Palace Guard in London, England

The Blues

These are regular soldiers in the British Army


Buckingham Palace Guard, London, England

The Reds

There are two regiments Ė the Blues and the Reds.  Each of these soldiers as well as the household cavalry holds two MOSís. While one regiment is on duty for 6 months, the other regiment is in the field Ė usually in Germany or Iraq as mechanized reconnaissance.


Palace Guard at Guatemala that are not part of the regular Army but more like security police


Palace Guard at San Marino where these personnel are Military Police with arrest powers for both civilian and military personnel.

San Marino is the oldest Republic in the world and is the sole survivor of the independent states that existed in Italy at various times from the downfall of the Western Roman Empire to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. ( Vatican CIty State, which is also an independent enclave in Italy, was not constituted in its present form until the 20th Century.)  San Marino has a polulation of about 27000 and its Army is 2500 strong.  The country is land locked (has no Navy)  and is surrounded by Italy.




Sam Reinert



545th Military Police Company Association

626 1/2 South 9th Street

Richmond, Indiana   47374  USA

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