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545th Military Police Company

1st Cavalry Division

Confinement Operations throughout the unit’s history

Compiled by CPT Sam Reinert

As of January 26, 2012


The history of the 545th MP Company is fairly well documented by several organizations and all of these histories show the various types of assignments, both combat and peace time that the unit conducted. There are pictorial and narrative depictions of all types of activity to be found in various studies, documents, books and publications of all types as well as on several web sites.  The area of Confinement operations is probably the least documented area that has been recorded to date and I therefore humbly submit this short Pictorial History of the 545th MP Company’s Confinement Operations.




Federal Confinement



The new United States Disciplinary Barracks located in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas that was approved in 1994 to house long term, sentenced military prisoners. This is where violators of the UCMJ who are apprehended by the Military Police and are sentenced by a Courts Martial for serious offenses are sent for long term confinement.  Although the 545th MP Company has never had any specific duties at this facility, several of its veterans have served in the older facility as confinement specialists and there were at least two inmates confined there that were originally apprehended by members of the 545th MP Company.  One of our Company Commanders, Jonathon S. Van Horn who commanded the 545th MP Co in Korea in the 1960’s later became the Commandant of the Disciplinary Barracks here at Fort Leavenworth



This is a shot of the old USDB often called the Castle that existed for 127 years prior to the new facility being constructed. The approved and authorized mode of execution at this facility was hanging and the Military Police Corps has always had a “Hangman” stationed at this facility




Fort Bliss Texas

And the Horse Cavalry Days


The old Fort Bliss Guard House constructed in 1893 and still standing today with two of the old Provost Sergeants standing on the porch with their Guard Detail.  Actual date of photo is unknown.  This is where the 1st Cav military prisoners were held in the basement cells.  The locks on these cells still function to this day.  The building is presently used by the Ft Bliss Post Engineers for records storage.


This was the temporary Stockade at Fort Bliss, Texas from 1919 until 1921
All we know about the two prisoners is that the one with the X over his image was a 7th Cav Trooper


There is no photo available of this Guard House/Stockade constructed in 1925 at Fort Bliss, Texas. It had four squad bays for minimum security prisoners on the first floor and 8 Maximum security cells in the basement plus a holding/drunk tank





Australia and Pacific Theatre, WW II


Other than temporary holding facilities for POW’s which were mainly barbed wire enclosures with tents to house the prisoners, the three main temporary POW Camps were at Luzon, Mandaluyong Airfield and Manila.  To date, I have not been able to find any photos of confinement operations for this time frame.






1st Cav MP’s rounding up Japanese POW’s upon entering Tokyo circa 1945


MP Platoon member PFC C.D. George on duty at the Camp Drake Stockade on Post #1 (Main Gate) on July 23, 1947.  PFC George is a member of our association and informs us that originally the 5th Cav Regiment had charge of the Camp Drake Stockade and did not care for the duty.  Since the Japanese POW’s were being placed back into the population by 1947, the MP Platoon had more manpower available to take over duties at the Stockade and assumed that duty sometime in 1947


MP Platoon members guarding Camp Drake Stockade prisoners on work detail in front of the MP barracks, July 12, 1947.  PFC C.D. George (wearing the yellow MP Helmet) has his back to the camera


Camp Crawford Stockade in Japan where the 545th MP’s maintained confinement operations for US prisoners for a while circa 1953








Kojo-do POW Collection Facility in Korea where 1st Cav POW’s were sent for confinement.  Although the 545th MP Co did not operate this facility, it was called upon on numerous occasions to assist with riot control as agitators were often found among the prisoners who caused riots and discontent.


View of Kojo-do POW Camp from a Guard Tower


545th MP’s bring in Chinese POW’s in Korea 1951


CPT Lee, UNK Driver, SSG Charazan and CPL Everhart, the 545th MP Co POW Collection Team in Korea, 1951 MSG Everhart (Ret) is a member of our association


545th MP Co SSG Nakashima, POW NCOIC in Korea 1950


545th MP’s removing a Chinese POW from compound for questioning by intelligence

Chief of Staff of the North Korean 13th Division Surrendered 1950


Chief of Staff of the North Korean 13th Division Surrendered 1950

There is a little history that goes with the photo of the North Korean Colonel being transported to Cav Hqs by the 545th MP?s - Shortly before noon on the 21st of September 1950, General Walker telephoned from Taegu to General Hickey in Tokyo. He had important news? Chief of Staff of the North Korean 13th Division had surrendered that morning. Walker told Hickey that based on the prisoners testimony, the N.K. Ii Corps had ordered its divisions on 17 September to go on the defensive and that the 13th Division knew nothing of the Inchon landing. The 13th Divisions chief of staff had indeed surrendered that morning. Shortly after daylight, Sr. Colonel Lee Hak Ku gently shook two sleeping American soldiers of the 8th Cavalry Regiment on the roadside near the village of Samsan-dong, four miles south of Tabu-dong. Once they were awake, the 30 year old North Korean surrendered to them. They immediately turned their prisoner over the members of the 545th MP Company who were manning a traffic Control point near by and the 545th MP’s subsequently transported this important prisoner to Division Headquarters. Information and picture provided by SGM Francis Kane, former member of the 545th MP Company, Korea 1950.




 Lt. Lee, 545th MP Co POW Officer, Chipyong, South Korea 1950



North Korean POW’s held by the 545th MP Co at Kunu-Ri, N. Korea 1950


Prisoners in a compound of the Koje-Do POW Camp.







Entrance to VC Cage at LZ Hammond 1966


View from helicopter of VC Cage at LZ Hammond 1966


Three VC Detainees in one of the GP Medium tents provided for shelter within the Division VCC Enclosure 1966


1st Cav Div Temporary Stockade at An Khe 1967.  This facility was near the airport and was used as a temporary holding facility for American prisoners who were awaiting transport to the Long Binh Jail


1st Cav Div POW Collection Point RVN 1969


545th MP Co POW Collection Point, LZ Two Bits, RVN 1967


Guard Tower at the Div POW Compound


Two unidentified 545th MP’s at the Cav POW Compound circa 1969


545th MP Co. Drunk Tank and Holding Cell with 2 unidentified Turn Keys RVN 1969


1st Plt, 545th MP Co POW Collection Point at LZ English circa 1967


545th MP Company POW Collection Point at LZ Two Bits RVN 1967

Note the First Team’s Finest unit designation on the sign


POW Compound at LZ Two Bits 1967


POW Compound at LZ Two Bits 1967


Entrance to the Central Collection Point for Civilian Detainees at Bong Son, RVN, April 1967


View of the CD Camp at Bong Son, RVN, April 1967


Another view of the CD Camp


Bringing captured VC Rice to the CD Camp at Bong Son 1967


Unidentified 545th MPs in CD Compound at Bong Son 1967


Civilian Detainees at CD Camp, Bong Son RVN 1967


Vietnamese Gate Guards at CD Camp, Bong Son, 1967


Living Conditions for Civilian Detainees at CD Camp, Bong Son, 1967

Note the C Ration boxes


Long Binh Jail where 1st Cavalry Troopers in need of behavioral modification therapy were transported by the MP’s of the 545th MP Company on a frequent basis.  Although the 545th had nothing to do with the operation of this facility, we did often send a squad or even a platoon on one occasion to assist with riot control.


Another view of the Long Bien Jail


Sign at the Main Gate to Long Bien Jail


Outer perimeter fence at Long Bien Jail


545th MP Company Temporary Detainee holding pen at LZ English 1967


545th MPs returning to helicopters with VC Suspects after a Cordon and Search mission in Bong Son Valley 1967


VC Captured in Bong Son Valley 1967




Desert Storm


One of the many trucks from Division Trains that constantly hauled EPW’s as the Iraqis were surrendering by the thousands and would even give themselves up to TV Reporters and unmanned aircraft!


Just one of the hundreds of EPW Collection points set up during Desert Storm


EPW’s Captured by the 1st Cav and held by the 545th MP Co






Another group of EPW’s held by the 545th MP Co in Desert Storm


2nd Platoon, 545th MP Co secures and then transports EPW’s in Iraq


Unidentified 545th MP Searches an Iraqi EPW


2nd Platoon, 545th MP Company transfers EPW’s to the rear during Desert Storm


Another batch of EPW’s held by the 545th MP Co during Desert Strom


Iraqi EPW’s being herded by the 545th MP’s during Desert Storm





Operation Iraqi Freedom


545th MP Company EPW Operations Crew


545th MP’s with detainees in Baghdad


Terrorists captured by the 545th in Iraqi Police Station in Baghdad


Detainees being held by the 545th in Baghdad


Terrorists captured by the 545th in Baghdad


More terrorists taken by the 545th MP Co in Baghdad


Another good catch by the 545th


This 545th MP Company Confinement Operations Pictorial History has been compiled by CPT Sam Reinert who commanded the unit in Vietnam from 1969 – 1970 and would not be possible without all the contributions of great photos from members of the unit association.  Many of the 545th MP’s pictured herein are alive and well to this date and members of our unit association. 


Any additions or corrections to this document should be sent to:


Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX