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545th MP Company

1st Cavalry Division



As of January 26, 2012


Unlike the MP’s who often make the front pages, the investigative agents of the 1st Cavalry Division were of necessity – low key and out of sight.  They also did not like to have their photo taken for obvious reasons.  It has taken me over a year to put this document together and hopefully, when the first version goes out to our members I’ll receive additional information to include in it.  In the meantime, enjoy this little walk through the unit history.


Horse Cavalry


During the 1800’s on the western plains prior to the famous old Cavalry Regiments being assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, each regiment had a regimental Provost Sergeant or Sergeants as the need arose.  Rudimentary investigations such as the location of the local still that continued to provide moonshine to the troopers and who ran it were probably conducted by the Provost Sergeant.  Or – who had set up the local red light crib just down the road from the post gate was also conducted by the Provost Sergeant.  More serious investigations concerning felony offenses such as assaulting an officer, probably had a line troop officer assigned that duty by the regimental adjutant or commander?  


Fort Bliss


To this writer’s knowledge, there were no CID agents assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at this time in the units’ history




To this writer’s knowledge, there were no CID Agents assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at this time in the units’ history.


Pacific Theatre and WW II


The earliest historical reports that the Association has on file are dated 1944 and the morning report nor the historical report make mention of any CID detachment or individual agents being assigned to the division at this time.  The major law enforcement problem it seems at this time was looting (by both enemy combatants and allied soldiers) and public intoxication (captured rice wine seems to be the major contributor for this)




There was a CID Laboratory in Japan during the Occupation and thanks to PFC C.D. George, who served in the old MP Platoon, Hqs Troop, 1st Cav Div at Camp Drake from 1946 until 1948 we now know that there were about a dozen CID investigators (both Warrant and Enlisted) assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in the 1940’s at Camp Drake (PFC George is a member of our association). The CID investigators had unmarked jeeps which were maintained in the MP motor pool and lived in separate barracks.  They did share the operations room with the MP Patrolmen and turned in their reports to the MP Operations Sgt or Desk Sgt along with the regular MP’s. The CID agents ate in the MP Mess Hall and picked up their mail at the MP Mail Room.  Although they had their own interpreters, they also used the interpreters assigned to the MP Platoon at times. In addition to a heavy Black Market case load, the CID also worked closely with MI and Customs as there was also the threat of war with Russia and they (Russia) had agents and spies in Japan at that time in large numbers.  The Army commander also authorized each division in Japan to form an MPIS (Military Police Investigative Section) that would report directly to the Division Commander(s).  In many cases the Provost Marshal did not even know who they were. The MPIS handled mostly Black Market cases and even watched the MP’s closely. As per MSG Roger Everhart (a member of our association) who worked on the Provost Marshals staff at Camp Drake, there was a MAJ Meagher who ran the MPIS and his clerk was SGT Hickey, but not much is known of their activities other than MAJ Meagher got into a bit of trouble with evidence accountability.

When the 545th returned from Korea to Japan in the 1950’s there were CID agents in the 1st Cavalry Division.  SFC Mac McCarty (a member of our association) was assigned to MPCI in the 8th Cav area at Camp Whitt, Japan with SSG Roberts and they were not billeted with the MP Platoon but in town away from the troops.  Mac informs us that there was a SGT Gistlink who was CID and a W4 CID investigator also assigned but Mac can’t remember the W4’s name.  

So we have proof positive that as far back as Japan in the 1940’s there were CID investigators within the 1st Cavalry Division at least at Camps Drake, Crawford and Whitt.


                                                      MAJ Steward was a Staff PIO Officer with the 1st Cavalry Division





From this point on in the unit history we have a lot of information as well as photos as many of our association members that were CID or PMI types and were on the 545th morning report.


CPT James W. Keefe (Ret) who was CID Chief in the 545th at Camp Custer, Korea 1963 – 1964

Until his demise, James was a member of our Association


1SG (Ret) Larry J. Breukelman was a PMI Investigator at Camp Custer, Korea 1963 - 1964

Larry is a member of our Association


Unknown 545th CID Investigator on the left, Richard Mapes  center and John Schott on the right (both PMI) at Camp Korea 1963 – 1964


1st Cav CID Office at Camp Custer, Korea 1963

From left to Right

Richard Mapes, Unknown, Mr. Wilson, Mr Sparks, Mr. Lynn, Chief Keefe presenting a Spook award to GEN Brown (DCG 1st Cav), LTC Keelean (Div PM), Bob Cherry, Harry De Jongh, Earl Bodiford and Mr Spinoza



Sp/4 Hyland, 545th MPI Investigator and Korean National Police Detective Ahn discuss a statement concerning a case they are investigating at Camp Custer, Korea





CW 4 James M. Fowler

Served in the 545th from 1965 – 1967

James is a member of our association



545th CID Investigator Sp/7 Walsh in Vietnam 1967


SP/7 Walsh in front of the CID shack at Phouc Vinh, RVN 1971


Sp7 Walsh check out a file in the CID shop, Phouc Vinh 1970


Chief Kocery in the CID Shop, Phouc Vinh, RVN 1971



Chief Pachinko in the Phouc Vinh CID Shop in Vietnam 1968/69



CW 3 Robert W. Moody receiving awards at Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969

Robert is a member of our association




CW2 Nelson and CW2 Wahl in Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969



CW 3 Thomas Whitacre Chief CID in Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969



Chief Whitacre hard at work in Vietnam


Chief Whitaker’s entire CID Crew in Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969

The Chief is on the right



Mr Wanko, CID Phouc Vinh, RVN   1969



Chief Pachecko CID Phouc Vinh, RVN 1968




SSG  Victor M. Alvarez

545th CID Investigator

1968-1969 and 1970

SSG Alvarez is a member of our Association

and our association Webmaster



SGT Ray M. Ross, PMI Investigator

545th MP Co, Phouc Vinh, RVN 1968

SGT Ross is a member of our association



SGT Roger Lane, 545th CID Investigator, Tay Ninh RVN 1969

Roger is a member of our Association



CID office sign at Phouc Vinh RVN


SGT Richard Adams, 545th MP Co PMI Investigator
Richard is a member of our association




Desert Storm


As per COL Anthony Lupo who was the 1st Cav Provost Marshal (and a member of our association) during Desert Shield/Storm, there were 10 CID agents from Fort Hood who deployed with the 545th to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield/Storm:

 Mr. Stallings, Mr. Todd Yarnes, Mr. Welch, Mr. Voss, Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Railey, Mr. Wayne Izumi, Mr. Ketchum, Mr. Schlise, and Mr. Wunderlich.

 Although they all traveled to Saudi Arabia with the 545th, they did not all stay with the Division.  Those that did stay did undertake several investigations (mostly drugs and alcohol through the mail) during the Desert Shield Phase.  They reported directly to the Chief of Staff (COL Leon LaPorte) and to the CG (BG John Tilelli).

 Humorous historical note:  COL Lupo states that unused to field operations in the beginning of their deployment, it took the CID Detachment 4 hours to set up their GP Medium the first time they tried to do it.  After the 2nd or 3rd move they got much better at it!





1SG Wayne Izumi

Served with the 545th MP Co in the CID from 1990 – 1991

Wayne is a member of our association





CW 4 (ret) Brian Grossman

Served with the 545th in Bosnia from 1998 – 1999

Brian is a member of our association





There are no members or photographs available at this time



Operation Iraqi Freedom


There are no members or photographs available at this time




Fort Hood, Texas




CW-3 Bob Busby, photo taken 1991

SGT Bob Busby

Served with the 545th at Ft Hood as PMI

1972 – 1974

Bob is a member of our association





SFC Robert Pojar

Served with the 545th at Ft Hood as PMI

1977 – 1980

Robert is a member of our association



545th PMI Investigators Mr. Pomeroy and Mr. Sliozis at Ft Hood mid 1970’s



Batman and Robin




MPI Sect at Ft Hood 1976



As per Sp/4 Greg Trudell, who served in the 545th MPI as well as the III Corps MPI from 1973 – 1976, this was a very active and interesting time for the Military Police at Ft Hood.  A large number of soldiers were returning from Vietnam with drug problems which they brought with them to Ft Hood.  Steve Eicherly was 545th CID at this time and Greg and Al Biggerstaff were assigned by the 545th MP Co to III Corps MPI.  The MPI office at this time was housed in a two story billet that was located next to the main (III Corps) PMO and the main commissary was within walking distance.  The MPI Office was divided into four sections, general investigations, Pawn shop detail, Vice and Drugs and Intelligence and Physical Security.  There were two 545th PMI that worked out of the 1st Cav PMO, Charles E. Cox and Sp/4 Pennewell.  These two were known as Batman and Robin! Charlie Cox later became a Major with the Bell County Sheriff’s Office in Belton, Texas.  Later they added a female investigator, Cathy Eicherly who was married to Steve from CID.  Sometime in 1976, they pulled the MPI and CID from III Corps and returned them all to the 545th MP Co.  Greg Trudell is a member of our association.


At Fort Hood, the 11th MP Det. (CID) was reactivated for REFORGER 83.  This photo taken in Borkin, Germany during that exercise and pictured L to R is Special Agent Theron Smith, CW3 Neil Krans, Opns Officer, CPT Strite Commander, and Special Agent Cindy Orton-Wilson in the 545th Co AO.

Bill Strite is a member of our association.



Our very own 1SG Szczepankiewicz was Senior MPI Investigator under COL Treuting, the Div PM from 1993 until 1994


Anyone having photos, documents or information to add, please contact the originator of this document listed below.


Sam Reinert


545th MP Co Assn

545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA

765 962 4627 phone & FAX