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As of July 15, 2016

WHAT IS THE ASSOCIATION? It is a corporate veteran’s fraternal organization of some 800 members that served and are serving with the 545th Military Police Company, from the 1940's through today's active duty Serviceman and woman. It is a non-sectarian, non-profit and non-political.

WHAT DOES IT DO? The Association conducts annual reunions for its membership, and publishes a quarterly newsletter, and provides a focal point for member-to-member interface. It conducts several yearly events. It also provides a contact point between members of the Association, the Provost Marshal General's office, the Military Police School, and DOD establishments. It interfaces with the Military Police Museum and provides valuable artifacts.

WHAT ARE ITS RESOURCES?  The Association is supported by revenue from dues, and in the future from investments, and donations from interested programs and an occasional fund drive to be conducted to meet specific requirements.

WHAT IS AN ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP?  Associate membership is a non-voting membership category offered to those veterans and active duty Soldiers who served and are serving in the 545th Military Police Company, who meet the requirements for membership as outlined. Associate Membership may be either a Lifetime Membership or an Annual Membership.

       A - Lifetime Associated Membership:  (Fee of $100) provides you with a Framed Certificate, membership ID card, and a lapel pin (in development) and free quarterly newsletter.

       B - Annual Associate Membership:  (Fee of $20) provides you with membership Certificate, membership ID card and lapel pin, and free quarterly newsletter.

Associate member have the right of attending all reunions and other outings held by the Association and share in the pride of affiliation with veterans with service to the 545th Military Police Company and the First Team.

For those new members please fill out the initial membership form (first form) and second form for payment. Those current Association members please fill out only the Second Form with payment.






Membership Dues