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545th Military Police Company   

Air Assets

By CPT. Sam Reinert

As of February 3, 2012




Throughout the history of the 545th MP Company, the unit has often been called upon to provide route recon and convoy escort and security.  Initially this was done on horseback and later with jeeps and gun carriers.  Since the Cavalry was noted for its mobility, the next obvious move was helicopters and during the Korean War the 545th MP Co. was one of the first MP Companies to use this great asset in combat.

Although never a part of the TOE, helicopters were often placed under the operational control of the unit or placed “on call” for use as the units various missions called for them.  During Vietnam, Division G-3 Air kept a LOH and at least one Huey on constant standby for use by the 545th for route recon and convoy escort and the 545th MP Co. had its own helipad right behind the orderly room and company operations center.  The Company Commander spent more time in a LOH than he did his jeep.  Cobra Gun Ships were also often assigned to the unit for a day or two for convoy security – usually from the 9th Cav.  POW’s and misplaced persons were also often moved via helicopter in Vietnam and Air Medals were a common award in the 545th.


CPL Albert C. D’Abruzzo hands a message to CPL Harold Westman relaying road

conditions on a convoy escort in the vicinity of Hokkaido, Japan



Convoy over flight and control 545th style as far back as the 1950’s in Japan



1Lt J. Byrnes, XO and Company Pilot, 545th MP Co becomes the first rotary wing pilot assigned on the morning report of the 545th MP Co in Camp Custer, Korea circa 1963

(Someone higher up had visions of the future for the 545th)



Unidentified 545th MP Co. Route Recon NCO with the company chopper. Somewhere in Korea circa 1950’s



A Shawnee hauling 545th MP’s and their equipment in Korea



545th MP Company Air Route Recon preparation by an L 19 somewhere in

Korea 1964


Plane 1

On April 26, 1966 1LT Rampmeier flew with fifteen 545th MPs from An Khe to Plat To Gi, RVN in a Caribou. Upon arrival and deplaning they were told to watch out for mines and while enroute to the Special Forces Camp they discovered that 20 had been recently discovered on that route. It seems that the RVN’s laid mines all the time but made no record of their location!


Plane 2

Caribou landing at Dong Tre Special Forces Camp in 1965 where elements of the 545th MP Co, Special Forces and later on Air America were to be based. This photo taken during Operation Nathan Hale


545th MP’s and NPFF about to be inserted in a cordon and search mission somewhere in Vietnam circa 1967


545th MP’s and the National Police finishing up a cordon and search mission utilizing a Chinook circa 1967


CPT Sam Reinert and his LOH Recon Chopper and pilot on the Phouc Vinh MP Chopper Pad, Phouc Vinh, RVN 1969

Photo taken by the 545th Door gunner on the 545th Huey


CPT Sam Reinert “Sheriff Six” in his LOH on convoy over flight enroute to Song Be RVN 1969

Photo taken by SSG Carlos Miranda in the lead gun jeep just behind the M 60 point tank just after an ambush on the convoy



Notice the 545th MP Door Gunner on this LOH getting ready to take off for Convoy over flight



SSG Carlos Miranda 545th MP Co. Convoy Escort/Security and Route Recon NCOIC




SSG Miranda standing next to one of the Hueys we often used for a quick reaction force or to transport POW’s  Choppers were almost always provided by 1/9 Cav


SSS Miranda and one of the Cobras that often provided air support for the convoys we escorted



A shot of the road to Phouc Vinh taken by the Convoy Escort Officer, 1LT Dennis Aylward (LTC Aylward is a member of our association) from the LOH while on over flight


Another shot of the 1st Cav supply Convoy taken by the over flight officer on the road to Phouc Vinh 1969


Song Be Bridge as seen from the over flight chopper in 1969


Typical 545th MP headgear worn while on convoy over flight and route recon duty in Vietnam


Helo 1

CPT Steve Nance, 545th MP Co Over Flight Officer, Pegasus Pad, RVN 1970
Steve is a member of our Association


545th MP PFC Glenny riding shotgun in the 1CD CG’s chopper at Fort Hood, Texas 1989
John Glenny is a member of our Association


545th MP Adam Stein (in sun glasses) – body guard to BG Robles (to the right of Stein) in Desert Storm and the General’s staff to include CW4 Ken Weust a Vietnam veteran pilot (far left)


SGT Banks, his crew and their ride.  545th MP Co somewhere in Iraq 2003


LTC Robert Byrd, PM, 1st Cav Div in a Blackhawk somewhere over Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom II


Sam Reinert
545th Military Police Company Association
626 1/2 South 9th Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
(765) 962 4627 phone & FAX